Saturday, December 25, 2010

Life Syrup

Let cock run its weakness into the male girl

Let the male girl's cock shy from no pulse

the feed running through toothspaces

down the swallow with these hot puddles

shun none, shun none of it at all



When power needs to be infused

a Woman knows, a Woman knows

The Paradigm

She will teach me this

i want so much this

not to be but this


Going To Him Softly

The Woman introduced me to Her friend

i need this friend, now, and will do what She tells me


One Weekend A Year

i want to be a girl

i act as a girl does

my clit's in chastity

my mouth needs cock


Real Women Care For Wives

A perfect wife needs to be a perfect wife

Quenching A Thirst Of Long Standing

A day on the floor

What must you clean up

How much must you satisfy

Listen to what She says

How does She know such things


Her Eyes Open

She arrives

You try to explain

You try to explain


Seeing The Goddess

Doesn't matter your 'look', you see through the mask

She looks back and demands all the maleness

Keeping her on your face, you go back to the mirror

and try to reclaim your maleness, but it's cooled on glass

It's Hers; you've given it as your offering


Marital Vow

Always submit to the Woman

Always be below


Drill Instructrix

A Woman offers this: the power to find in a male 'a girl'

One keen instruction: not just to endure, but to desire, cock


Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Der Schweiz

Ladycherry of Switzerland

Quelle femme!

hold Her ashes, listen to Her abuse

worship Her

Inner Me

i follow Her who has me shaved and softened

lipglossed and fretting about what i'll swallow

but wanting that warm, dismissive, viscous seed

a male pumps into my femmie mouth

She'll make this possible and have me cleaned

for more service in humiliation

i'm not worth Her, so i'll serve Her


The Right Power Imbalance

there are no 'partners'

just Woman and the male who serves

a Woman with many needs

who disrespects the male


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sacred Seed

Needing Her so badly.

Job For Life

One of many husbandly duties


A word or two by The Woman about Her male's weakness

Add All To Her Strength

i got paid at the end of the day, and my urge was so strong, i rushed to the bank, got it all out in cash, and went to Her apartment.

She kept me waiting.

When She came in, She said nothing. i knew what to do. i took all the bills, the hundreds, and folded them into a cannister by a lamp.

She poked me. Come back tonight and clean up.


Sorority Scrub

Humiliate a male

And gain a sub for life

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Power Neighbors

Strong Women network, gain more confidence in control.

Males just want to wear panties and be made into girls.

Dominate Me

Strong legs and spectator pumps

A bathroom setting, the sound of water

She says
Make yourself useful

And even though you have only panties on

You get on all fours and clean up puddles

Mature Authority Figure

Controlled, no-nonsense Women

reinforce male weakness

Hypno Desire

The Woman convinces the male

that's all there is to it

Watch her, listen to her reinforce

what the male wants to do

submit and be feminized


What Women Really Want





Male Wyf

A Woman's place is the home

and when the male arrives there

he is to be 'wife', a servant, a submissive

all the help She needs and wants


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Abby Winters - Tinsley

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Abby Winters - Viola

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Abby Winters - Zita

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Abby Winters - Zippora

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working Hard From Memory

Red slick

Red hair

White, white skin

Deep down grudge

Pain Roots, Pleasure Roots

The epitome of desire, the meeting up with fate:

To be paddled and whacked by a 60 year old Woman


Drink Up

Submissive grooms must welcome these

assorted males pump deep within the fertile bride

who craves a child by anonymous

whose excess spunk gets squatted out

a mugful viscous, warm and plain.



Domina takes control over bladder, slides tube in and in further.

What liquids She bags and captures, what future drinks, what warm salty self

How She'll look, and the Others look. You'll be low. Lower than now.

Bless Domina!

The Learned Chant

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Abby Winters - Rebecca D

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Marriage Duty

i try to be a good husband, a perfect one, but i err

and She yells at me


Sisters, Hard Sisters

Sissy images are the succulent refuge from the ever-present blast of Strong Women, Women to whom a person can throw himself and lose himself forever.

Sissies are sisters, are pleasure mates, smell and taste like good bodies, like our own intestines.

i come to them.


Muscle Ma'am

Now She's angry and disgusted, realizing the hard tugs and twists that make you cry out are what you wanted to do,

and when she gloves into you the intake of breath and loud hurts coming bestially from deep in your throat and high in your vocal cords are really to be thanks at the end of things.

She's taken your money and smells you now, and when it's over She'll never want you around.

Just as you hoped.


Catch Me, Please

She's telling him that She's found his magazines, that this is her favorite nightgown, that he's pathetic.

Ring a bell? Have we not waited for this moment to come again and again?

We, too deny the evidence of her eyes, saying we handled the lingerie with respect, but ultimately, we give in to our desire to submit.