Thursday, May 26, 2011


i stand to watch Her and her lovers

i get them what they need

i am not allowed to touch myself

afterward, She squats and shares

him with me. i love Her so.

Her Will Is Her Reason

Her glare is so very strong

Her arm is so very strong

i am corrected after Her lessons

i am corrected after Her lessons

Show Of Dominance




Nature's display

Sharing Second Place

She encourages mutual gender reidentification

She is Woman

boys should always be girls

You, Girl

to be set forward by Her

for use by any

Sunday, May 15, 2011

She Says, We Do

everything you own

just for a cold word

from Her


The Sacred Thirst

after whoever's spread seed in Her

She delivers the cream

you merge in the worship


Leather Grrrl

find a Dyke who'll strap you sissy

She'll 'male' you into femme

leaving Her signature


Degrees Of Separation

i'd give J hundreds

going out to meet males

to get soaked in their spunk

bring it back home

then i'd pay Her hundreds again


Getting Engulfed

Women get paid four-fold

through my humiliation



i've been hot and crazy in need

and approached haughty, beautiful


They've deserved everything

and disdained my gentle words


i've then sat alone, deeply shamed

and discredited and throbbing



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Commander

yes, bow to the shoes, respect Her heels

repeat formulas of obedience

will do anything for Her, anything

and rise to erection in your earnestness

to be bent and smacked and hurt

will do anything for Her, anything


The Purpose In Life

the best male, shaved, perfumed, softened

dressed, wigged, subservient

all energy derived from the Woman

all effort to please Her, that Woman