Saturday, April 30, 2011


i need to hear Her words

of disapproval, Her chiding

what i may or may not be

guilty of, i just need near Her

They, In Black. i, Pink

saving months to pay for Their hour

They despise me, therefore

They make me real

Mall Hotel

Suburban Women's noontime

They exercise Their power

male simply complies

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother Lode, Sister Load

the Female Principle

transform the outside

relive the inside

Mental Mirror

want to meet this

want to touch this

want to have this

want to eat this

want to be this.

The Cleansing Mechanism

When She readies Her release

i'm there

Giving Oneself Over

She holds like a Mama bear

for the Other Woman's fury

how cock so quickly softens

later to rise for more

i Play Her Circus

tied up at home, i am Hers as the male weakness

She sit on me, She yells at what i do, She

makes me eat things. hard over Her power,

i'll never leave

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Demonstrating Service

even in a public toilet, were She

to snap at me and call me in, i'd

dirty myself and arch up my neck

open-mouthed and take a pint of Her

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Her Guiding Light

She need not respect any of this

just tolerate the weakness that worships

Her time so precious i dare not say

all i would do if She would only simply want


Her wardrobe i may only care for it, Her wardrobe

clean Her things provide the wealth for those things

let Her live Her life employing me

Sinning Against And For

a test, failed. the cage off and back to old ways

how much i deserve to be controlled

let this cum be a testament to Her


it took no time to catch Her

powerful armswing

it glanced off my shoulder

then again and again

my buttocks, as a boi

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Freedom Through Control

Woman paints his nails and keeps him locked.

male finds himself in Her

Low Proper

in nylon, i am to emulate Her,

Her nylon to kiss.

She is sky; i am floor



a full thirst is measured in hours.

Money's Mom

one month's check, the least service, i know i'll leave in debt to Her for the feelings i take away and the physical markings that will remain.

She is Glory. She is Purpose.

Her Naked Nature

the air breaks with lash

breasts warm, Woman lips

draw breath of dominance


Friday, April 1, 2011

Riffling The Drawer

finally admitting this need for Her

but my Aunt knows and approves

Becoming Real

being retrained girlish

and understanding it


Woman's husband at Carnival

world of tease before denial

Pleasure Cage

intoxicated by the lack of touch

service itself causes it to spill

Lap Of My Birth

the thin male bottom, the bare feet, shirtless,

telling Her i've given in already i know You'll

prove the weakness, spank me for it, whack

me for the sturdy dick about to disappear in shame.

Extension Of Her

having given in, what's in life becomes easy

it's simply She who lives and you do for Her