Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Measuring Allegiance

five slaps and i'm weak

ten and i'll concede

fifteen and i yell to stop

25 and i belong to Her


Here For Any To See

i am to be made like this

i want to be made like this

responding to male head

as She directs me to be made


The Water Giver

She's calling me to cups

She's my oasis

She's the True Source

She slakes my thirst


The Thrust Of Mrs. Silk

saving up for an English month

for Her dildo has been elsewhere

for Her do this, do this, do that

for my weakness they all laugh at


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Must Honor The Power

i arch my back

the crop continues to pat.

the dildo, probing my hole,

finds the truest me


Girl Me

i need a masculine Jane

to enter my door, to force it,

burst me

i need Her to speak foul

and make me sore and feel

Her grip. Jane. Jane.



i make sure all surfaces are clean

before, and take pains after,

given the task of knowing

what's been done, and why

this, this only, is my job



to dedicate myself

to the Woman

who stays away

it hardens me

Her, mounting another male


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Degradation Hot

i told Her where i work

i gave Her all my numbers

told Her my friends

and my accounts

She said Now I'll burn you


The Persistence

the third time i came back

She let me in, still to the spew

of Her words and i knelt,

promising all, honoring her dirt


A Gift Given

and when it's used on you

you'll see it every waking hour

you'll feel it in your dreams

you'll be known as Hers


All Peak Moments

my best friend understands

The Betrayal

erections prove weakness

Woman always conquers


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The World As Feeling

it's all known

when it's felt, when it's felt

throughout, all over

when we're all stretched out


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catching Her Music

Listen to Her.

Just listen to Her.


A Gift For No Reason

First, the lipstick

then a smack across the mouth

the sole of a slipper across the mouth

i can barely say 'i love You'


Random Act Of Kindness

it was all cash, all the cash i could get

and gave her all and charged the room

and let Her relieve Herself, and She left

and i loved cleaning up in the stupid shame.


Life's Power

When She gives birth, She's got a Woman

doctor, nurse, and staff, photographer, and friends

all Women. And there's me, i'll be at the back

ignored, deliberately, to load the car and pay


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm For Using

i ache to be given over

to be held like a beast

be reduced to the urge

to the giving up of wet

to the defeat of being

shut from Her door


To Gain Lowliness

She trains me not to be noticed

not to be given a second thought

only to be where She's walked

the Earth, where the miracle lies


The Gaze

Words don't need saying

a nod, a finger crook,

an understanding

and what's to be done

gets done


Becoming Sister

to be femme, a male

needs to need males

one after one


An Inner Change

She's been trained by the best Women

knows Her physiology, an adept

of sensation and control, aware

the male needs finding his own level


The Size Of Mastery

i need to feel frail, need to be brought

to need breath, She makes me breathless

Her strength is mighty