Friday, June 25, 2010

Moment For A Chalet

The Woman once looks at me.

i give her everything i have for that look

(photo courtesy asophiech)


my sister replenishes me

we support each other

Behind And Below You

i've never told you this, but i need to be your servant. it's selfish, but i need it.

i will work and give you what i earn. i will maintain your house. i will clean your dirt.

But, please, in return, please don't be angry with me. Please look at me again.

i need your gaze.

A Milwaukee Weekend

Yes. Yes. Yes.

i need to listen to the rudeness.

i need to obey.

i need to be made over.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Abel Ferrara's 'The Addiction'

When orgasm gets pitched up to an addiction.

We live for it.

Driven Nancy

That night i spent in [Boy X]'s Mother's room.

The dead quiet of 3 a.m.

Slipping the drawers open, the sweet sachets. Her underwear. The shoe racks lining up pairs of heels i felt incredible hunger for.

Sneaking into the locked space of Her bathroom and trying Her stockings on, blinding me with unexplainable need and a willingness to give up anything.

i spent the three days following shaving my legs and retrying-on her nylons, driving the streets looking for 'girls' like me, wanting a world of sissy, to be 'nancy'.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She Is The Moon; She Is The Sun

No part of the day is without Her, in my thoughts if not near. There is no sense to the world without Her.

i comprehend nothing; She causes everything.

(art: Saturno Butto)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Habituation, Intense Adoration

No mention is made of this, the danger of enema.

Not the danger of misapplication, inadvertently rupturing the colon and introducing sepsis -- that's mentioned.

What isn't mentioned is the danger of habituation. The need for enema.

When cleansed by a Woman with institutional or motherly or taunting or rough words, the weak male reinforces the requirement of his continued re-exposure to colonics.

The voice of an institutional Female, professional and unconcerned, or that of the succoring Mother, the taunting Whore, the pitiless Dominatrix, underscores the reality felt now not just in mental images, but in bodily -- daily -- process.

What Woman aims to have a male regress to the point of requiring Her to delivery him of his bowel movement?

She would have to be special, rare.

And when the male delivers himself into that condition, when he becomes child-helpless again, does his search for The Woman then not take on more urgency? When he couches diapered and sitting on his shame, unable to release without the potency of Her withheld bag, he prays for Her welfare and Her quick arrival.

Release me!

The price is Hers to name.


If Women feel cheated by males, betrayed by them, soiled by them, then Women should be repaid.

By confession, by service, by economic transfer. By the reduction of maleness, by the adoption of customary femaleness, by regression to the status of the secondary.

If i feel myself thrill in saying what i've just said, if i feel myself harden at the thought of becoming scapecoat, then proof that is that i need the plastic-and-metal control of chastity, the locked cock-chamber whose key is held in Her whimsical possession and used only to assure continuing fidelity to Her will.

my milk unlawfully spills, and i need Her to arrest me for it.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Defensively You

Wanting to defend ourselves, what little we have left of that sense of 'defense', we give up the male as much as we can and assume the Female as much as we can.

She has the power. She. So we must emulate Her.

(photo: courtesy of 'whitefemmysissyfagettes' yahoo group)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Woman's Enema Power

More thoughts on enema. Not only the inherent qualities of the bag and the insertion make enemas potent. It's who controls them.


She Who Inserts. She Who Fills The Bowel. The feelings of vulnerability, the pleasurable discomforts of needing to excrete yet being held back from doing so by Her. Not until all the toxins get churned up, not until full cleansing is possible.

And when She allows the expulsion, when the filth jets out, it is She who has an option of how to define that moment.

She may say
Look at what you've done! Clean up that mess! Aren't you ashamed? Can't you ever grow up?

She may say
I'm so proud of you! What a good poo-poo! It's all right. Look at it. What a good boy!

In either case, She freezes you in developmental time, She aids in your reversion to an earlier stage when you had less or no control over your own body.

Only a strong Woman would want to take you there. It is our quest to find a strong Woman.

Romancing 'The Bag'

i ought to explore enemas. Let this be a first step in discussion? The bag itself is a fetish item: it has distinctive shape, its material, rubber, has familiar, rooty smell and a touch that skids off the fingers or rubs a bit raw against bare skin.

It hangs above you. You are squatting or on 4s. It has a nozzle that's meant to intrude, meant to have access with no apology. It's filled with warm liquid and its exterior transfers that warmth. If touched, the firm slosh of a mother's breast filled with milk.

You are prepared for entry, slickened with lubricant and posed for insertion. It, too, 'slicks up' and gingerly gets its way pushed past most sensitive membranes in order to leak its fill into you, give you a bloat, make its liquid seem solid, dislodge your solids, make you want to respond to it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A low place to rest her thighs and relax all muscles. A cleansing, a submission.

Witness to what her body produces, a male craves sustenance, to be a small part of Her.

Cleft Of Life

a male finds himself when he carries the scent of a Woman on his face.

Why are you waiting? Are you blind and stupid? Come over here, now.

Deep Forces Within

Women -- all women -- have power. They must exercise it.

If 'the outside world' holds them back, there's always -- always -- the inside world.

i obey you all.

The Greater Power

i reached for the magazine, but she seized onto my wrist. Looking at her didn't deter her.

You're hurting me.

i tried to move my hand, with or without the Vogue, but her eyes fixed me in place.

i'm sorry.

my hand now limp, i feel that i've been hardening.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i Love Black; i Do Black

Not enough tribute is made to the Black Female. Particularly BBW Women of Color whose sense of command comes from survival under residually-racist conditions.

i do worship Black Females not just for their bluff humor and strikingly beautiful faces, but for their feet, their buttocks, their full bosom, their snap-back, no-nonsense attitude. And don't let wiry body types fool you -- plenty of determination and 'mean' hidden beneath a smile.

These superb artworks come from thom roman.

If This Is Addiction

If it is, its mainstay includes:

Constantly shaved legs



Woman's words of control

Unstinting service to Her

Chastity to 'cage' the physiological tiger


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mistress Karla

She is blatantly strong in her approach. She is said to have recused herself from the discipline profession, but if you haven't seen her work through The English Mansion, i encourage you to do so.

A rubber-dressed male with his genitals exposed and tied vulnerably. Her arrogance in despising him, his weakness, his maleness. Letting him draw drink through a catheter linked to a translucent rubber enema bag filled with her warm urine.

This is 40-karat Woman.


Always Below

Male service, when the Woman wishes it, does best lowest.

Foot massage and bathing, pedicure, foot-bottom worship, nylon and shoe attendance.

More exotic are bathroom duties, special and rare, but at peak moments of excitement -- for the Woman -- in dominating, punishing, rewarding, humiliating, degrading, exposing, at those moments, close connection should and will be made.

Toilet furniture brings the male face close to the genitals and opens him to body functions heavy with smell and dirt. No Domme wants simply to expend her male -- she's put too much training time into him. So she's careful not to make him ill.

But having him do worship to her expulsions, a closeness to what she's actually had



At several cosmetic counters, i've bought lipsticks and i've bought nail polish. Always armed with a "buying it for my wife" explanation.

The savvy women knew, nevertheless, that whether or not married, i was doing this to become like one of them. That must have sickened them at first to think that what was male was not man, not fully man.

Then that may have filled them with a kind of strength, living up to the role they must now realize was theirs all along. Leader. The primary one.

Having me talk to them, my voice constricted from nervousness and from an inner sense of 'femininity', eventually has to become, for them, enduring proof.

May they always take the lead. May i always be a sign to them.


Silk Males

An image of cherchez la femme in BBW drag.

Two dressed males together are dangerous in that they seek Female power, dig and dig.

The exhaustion, ultimately, in the smears, in the soaked fabrics, the breathy language, clash of who-cares perfume, soil.

What remains in a hotel room is the ghost of Mother, She who i must become.


Right Amount Of Pressure

So very obvious that the male, when dommed, finds natural expression of his having met his destiny.

That is why chastity should be part of The Woman's tactics.

Containing male spill keeps his attention focused and his energy on business.

The business she dictates.

His ardor is his confession and his engine.


Woman, The Prime Motive

Being prepared always requires a power imbalance, the Woman always in the directorial role.

Since Women create the world with the natural allure motivating all males, they capably shape males to their liking.

Once the male understands that his impulses exist in order to be shaped, he functions most efficiently.

Having needs met means obeying The One who has the shaping intelligence and natural leadership.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Abdication In Her Favor

Reciting my bad impulses to her, The Listener,

Drawn to whispering as she calls Louder!

Then opening louder in response, hearing my folly,

Having Her excuse me. Woman The Sire!

Hail Her!

I Do Want Mommy

After hearing two mothers speak down to their three collective children, i held onto the words of power and direction. i digested them and applied them to myself. the power of desire to remake one's psyche!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stanton's Woman

Eric Stanton's art work another hallmark of discovery. i go back again and again to his images and find response deep within myself.

Mistress Michelle

Years ago i obtained from her mail order a tape of discipline Michelle Peters produced, and i listened to her over and over ordering males around.

Her voice frightened me, but strongly attracted me.

So desirable!

Wild Woman

She would come over before her nights out and tell me how much she loved me. Then leave. Hours later, jealousy would drive me to call around, and I usually found her bar, the one where she used a fake name and let it be known she wore nothing under her skirt.

I would coax her home, difficult to do since she was letting herself go, getting very hot, feeling very desired.

Past one, she would arrive still a bit drunk and ornery to have been tracked down. I would prepared some tea and massage her feet. Relaxed, she had me lick her while she told me how hot she had gotten that evening. All about the men who -- almost? -- had her.


Her Ladyship

An early craving, an early introduction to the submissive craving in me, came with exposure to photographs of Baroness Monique van Cleef.

Astounding command. Give her anything.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Africa Worship

How resist an outspoken -- demanding -- Queen.

Facing The Weakness

Married or not. Any age.

Captivated by female 'skin', the coverings of fabric, scent, paint.

Secret. Just one male, one mirror.

Don't find out. Yet she does find out.

Shame. The reinforcement!

Symbolic Submission

Putting it in writing.

Letting it be read by whoever may be allowed to see it.

Solemnizing the Ladyship.

Every male's Woman should be the Owner.

All he works for should be signed into her possession.

His joy is to give her all.

Put it in writing. She is everything to him. All he has is hers alone.

Working Harder

She cut her hair, and it's spiky. The strong strands were slicked up. Very butch. And today she wore a soft top with a curved neckline.

Help me over here, she gestured with the snap of her wrist.

It made me feel so good, feel like i was under her control.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abby Winters - Hayley T set 3

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Abby Winters - Hayley T set 2

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spanking Fever

Spankings always eradicate the excitement that precede them.

The anticipation is a fear. And a hunger.

But the appetite withers soon. And you're made to admit all wrongs.

And the humiliation becomes the root of the next excitement.

i Swear i Will Obey, Miss Mandy!


i crave this discipline.

Sugary Gift

Diane Kane's idea of renting out a male to experience a 'female moment'.


The Greater, The Lesser

The ideal relationship is the transforming of a male into female subservience.

The best wives do it, and in the privacy of their own quarters, it takes no force to determine who is strong, and who is not.

The power of makeup, wig, frills, commanding words.

Hard To Choose

Again, TG Dreamgirls. This is one facet of the dilemma? Allegiance utterly to Woman And being transformed into a sissy version of one.