Sunday, March 27, 2011

Her Glory

This is the Woman who holds my charter

this is not my cum, but it is for lapping

and for swallow. Everything within Her

becomes sacred. All things are nourishment.

Holy is the vessel that is Her Body.


Our Mutual Friend

Both of us hot and She needing a new male

and we find Bill and i photograph them

and after She's satisfied, i clean them both

serve them towels after they shower and thank Bill

for satisfying Her and i kiss his hand and he kisses my lips still with his after-spunk

and She laughs at the whole thing, at every thing i manage to do for Her.


Make Me Deny Myself

All Women may dominate if They choose

Key looks, any words pushed at a male

with authority, demands and criticisms

belittlings, attitudes antithetical to what

a male normally holds. Coarseness. Denials.

Physical discomfort. Verbal trash. Falsehood. Ritual humiliation. Dirt.

male weakness forever in his erection.

Woman! Such excellence.


Monday, March 21, 2011


She is who She is

in Her vagina, birth, pleasure, engulfment

never to know Her, only to follow



the lower before a Woman i am, the more my penis rises

the more punishment she gives me then for my controllessness

i harden at the soles of her feet, i'm a prick to be slapped down

as i smell the earth at her toes, listen to her disparagement of me


Thursday, March 17, 2011


But one Queen

and many manifestations

The Kentish Lady

Revisiting Mrs. Silk

Her erection

Her crop

Her domination


Being taught the gentler arts

In The Beginning

And she made him into Her image

Thursday, March 10, 2011

You're My Girl, For Now

not caring to 'pass'

just being passive to Her

Her toy, Her joke, the thing She tells Her conquests to

this is sissy's love


New World Order

instruction period leading to reflexive obedience and worship

Female Led Relationship

to take on the symbolic ritual

to incorporate it into every day


White Lady

wanting so

to be and to have


our excitement



Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Water Hour

As worship, Her symbol around the neck

Her Vagina brooding ahead, you dare not look

It is like waiting for rain within a forest, the noon

when life again asserts itself, and your place is known.

(art work: pepette).

The Religion

Sometimes She fills you, and you take on Her lineaments.

The exhilaration of 'being' Her for that short span.


Resign The King

She is so large in a male psyche

nothing he can give would ever suit Her --

so he must give all.

(art work: pepette)

The One True Cave

It is always a matter of submission

The Vaginal Source of it all --

'male', 'female', all 'girl' to it and its fluids

when the Woman craves 'mouth', be there


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Abby Winters - Tinneale

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