Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working Hard From Memory

Red slick

Red hair

White, white skin

Deep down grudge

Pain Roots, Pleasure Roots

The epitome of desire, the meeting up with fate:

To be paddled and whacked by a 60 year old Woman


Drink Up

Submissive grooms must welcome these

assorted males pump deep within the fertile bride

who craves a child by anonymous

whose excess spunk gets squatted out

a mugful viscous, warm and plain.



Domina takes control over bladder, slides tube in and in further.

What liquids She bags and captures, what future drinks, what warm salty self

How She'll look, and the Others look. You'll be low. Lower than now.

Bless Domina!

The Learned Chant

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Woman means power, male means weak.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Abby Winters - Rebecca D

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Marriage Duty

i try to be a good husband, a perfect one, but i err

and She yells at me


Sisters, Hard Sisters

Sissy images are the succulent refuge from the ever-present blast of Strong Women, Women to whom a person can throw himself and lose himself forever.

Sissies are sisters, are pleasure mates, smell and taste like good bodies, like our own intestines.

i come to them.


Muscle Ma'am

Now She's angry and disgusted, realizing the hard tugs and twists that make you cry out are what you wanted to do,

and when she gloves into you the intake of breath and loud hurts coming bestially from deep in your throat and high in your vocal cords are really to be thanks at the end of things.

She's taken your money and smells you now, and when it's over She'll never want you around.

Just as you hoped.


Catch Me, Please

She's telling him that She's found his magazines, that this is her favorite nightgown, that he's pathetic.

Ring a bell? Have we not waited for this moment to come again and again?

We, too deny the evidence of her eyes, saying we handled the lingerie with respect, but ultimately, we give in to our desire to submit.


A Perfect Spouse

The smart Wife knows to work her husband hard, control finances, and feminize him at home.

Journey Of Becoming

The minute you're caught, you're life is transformed and you are free to become the sissy, to become Nancy, which has been the dream all along.

A passage through deep shame first, the reinforcing disappointment and anger of Her, the ridicule of them, their shunning that fills the potent fantasies you now are freer to have

guilt-stained, defiant at the moment when your painted toes curl up in the sheers and your spunk thickens yet another pair of femmipants.


The Mommy Moment

There does come a time for quiet, when male spirit is gone, when defeat is admitted and surrender is begged for.

The Wife, the Woman, takes control then, takes it with soft words and never loses Her lead.


Medicine Gladly Taken

One end goal of feminization is cuckoldry.

Femaling the male to want semen, the Woman's lover's semen, or at least that from a cock She supervises.

Warm, fresh from a condom.

Tongue, swish, gargle, swallow down

A sacramental act for Her


Step, Shoulder, And Punch

Chaste for a month, a male needs good sense

knocked into him, needs a wallop, the feel of a heavy arm.

Kick me black and blue so that when i heal and hobble still a bit, i'll remember the scorn you gave

and the vice you imparted suiting your moment

The Face Of Her

Where death and love meet in Woman, at the tip end of her tongue, of her whip

At the blunt end of her kick, the freeze of her stare

And the need to find both the beginning and the ending

Her whisper frightens. It is the finish of you.


Any 'Male' Lost

Made into a girl

Learning from the Strong

The Remolder

A Woman knows that tenderness has just so much influence

Her desire must make itself known through force

Arbitrary and uncomfortable, but with an ultimate 'justice'

As defined by Her.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jane Of Britain

i want thousands

thousands to give Jane

supporting Her wants

there only so long as i can

my position always clear

getting only by the gift

The Godmother

how a male needs Woman control

simple Woman telling him he's not what he thinks

but only what he wishes

Cake My Face

i'm allowed sometimes, and then i'm punished

how i love cock, how i love to be punished for that.

how i really love swallowing her lover's

The Semi-Monthly

So that male no longer does his own

So that male has no control

So that Woman calls the time

So that beneath Her is the place

She is Mother of it, Mothering finger of him

He, puppet to Her wrist and chanting back Her words

And eventually he dribbles out and tastes his own milk


Avant Garde

No Woman understands a male

until She understands his easy corruption

develops it, uses it to Her own ends

transforms the balance of social power,

and takes her due. Domina, Her world.

(photo art: Beverly Carmichael)

El Pie Saboroso

She takes us to Mexico, Her in first

me in seats that are far behind.

She rents us a place by the beach

me in the maid's room, while she calls

me to swab the transvestite's foot and mouth-off his cock

hearing gruff Spanish til the screech as he comes

and i tongue and i gargle his toe jam and cum --

The laugh of Her! bringing me low with a stranger's taste


The Excellence Of Her Complaint

trying to be right for Her, i am, by being wrong

nature is so perfect matching my weak to her strong

Throat Sop

She takes me into town, says get yourself a ride

without a card, without the cash i should have

but in plastic chastity, with polish on my nails

outside a leather bar on a weekend night.

i come home drunk with transformation


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ladee Lyn Of Disciplinary Wives Club

males move by the grace of Woman

The home is Hers, Her word is the law

What She gives She gives for Her own sake

What She keeps is understood.

male energy must be contained, released

only at Her behest, for Her sake, on Her whim.

Female power, nature at its supreme

Cumrag Male

To save up money, knowing you won't keep it but give it,

squander it on blondes who want it all over with

and make your offer of desire just a mess to clean up

and say thanks but laugh it out at you along with a stupid joke.

That thousand was worth the 45 minutes, for you've found yourself.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bless Wildness

To give oneself over to the hands of someone who doesn't care

Who's careless

Who's reckless and experimental

Who's enabled by her partner

Both of whom nudge the other on in order to provide surprises and find frontiers

And then they remember you, maybe clean you up, and leave you somewhere.


Wet Wall

Heated face, dismissive glance

(photo: meninpain.com)

Delicate Intake, Slow Release

The Original Woman gives breath

The Presiding Woman controls it

The 2 A.M. Return

It is as if J were back

Elusive, handling others

Dangling me

Making me clean Her

And listen to Her evening


Danica Has Trod

Where has she walked

My imagination cleans

Danica Goddess

Nothing she says, does, gives, takes, sends

Nothing she hurls, spits, strikes, smacks, slaps

No urine she casts loose, no relaxant from her bowels

But is sacramental. High Holiness.


The Better Half. The Only Half.

Yes. You heard me.

Sign it over. All of it.

What you have is mine.

What I have is mine.

You go on at my pleasure.

Don't make me angry.


Primal Directive

Get down.

Stay down.

There'll be something for you to clean up in a minute.


Hail, The Generational!

It is a misconception that submission ends with youth. To the contrary, the truest relationships last on and on.

The greatest Dominatrixes, the Supreme Dominas, Mater, isn't 35 or 40, but 70, 75, and can move men with a glance

Her Nights Out

A male must hope the Woman finds excitement

Pay for Her to find Her pleasure

And when She returns, smelling of other people,

he must thank Her for Her return and inquire

What She needs, how She may be served.