Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our New Friend Jack

It was i who approached Him

loving His big arms, accidentally

brushing His shoulder.

It was i who photographed them

She delirious with His prick

casting words at me like spit

It was i who cleaned them both

He as He withdrew

His stiff log stinking of Her

And She squeezing out his cum

smearing it on my face

making me taste Man


Not To See It Coming

The need to feel cane

steady strikes

cold, professional words of control

i am allowed to kiss the ground

before and after


Stone Gaze

She wins me over with her single look

She commands, i obey

She is everything, 

i am everything for Her


Saturday, July 21, 2012


Standing, she gives a full-arm

wallop to me

and more than one or two

i'm reddened

holding-in my grunts to be brave

like a good boi

so that soon She'll agree

to dress me


Midnight Snack

She makes me

as foolish

as a sis can be

tells me tales

of the men

and their seed

She'll be taking

and bringing

to squeeze on me


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To Be Of Use

being in service for hours chained to the loo

caged to myself, cleaning who comes



i give my allegiance to Her

and for what She stands

and for what i can give 

in sacrifice of myself

and to Her sisters strong

with Will and a desire to take all



i signed it all

what i owned, and own, and will be owning

my earnings in perpetuity

an oral diary of worship and admission

in exchange for discipline, an hour's walk in heels stuffed with a rubber cock

She makes me look at males fucking males

She says i'll be female one day

She says the world will laugh and i'll feel the deepest shame

and i walk the room again and again in 5 inch heels


The Wet Hospital

cashing-in a certificate of deposit

for an enema bag

and plasticized whores 

feeding me my piss and their phlegm

my insides holding, holding

then blowing-out brown