Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rite Of Passage

The Wise Women know all things

A Family Portrait

Girl honoring her Mother

Expression Is My Guide

Yes. i know i must

i know You are right


What You say is always right

Mother To Us All

Mrs. Loving, taking away 'male', giving 'girl' instead

Very Much Angel

anonymous Woman not needing a male at all


Getting In To Let The Real Out

when it's necessary to be taken, to be taken over

The Woman, the manipulation, Her in me

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mother's Deep Presence

two sisters

i would joy them as they wish

their liquids incorporate into me

wonderful their beauty

so much they (and i!) want the power of Woman

to overtake us


The Most Success Of Womanly Invasions

this, my sister, i would take for wife, and oblige her to nothing but her choice of joy

hail to it! when boy becomes girl

My Kind

i need sisters to wet my mouth, to prepare me to be femme, to be ridiculous, to be despised by Females.

this is a lovely sister.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Abby Winters - Video Game Girls (Video HQ)

Angie, Hayley F, Lynley, Leiko & Hayden

Video 1
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File Size: 346 MB

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Video 2
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Involved Further

Step Two


Getting Involved

Step One

Step Two



(please. may . . .)


(yes. yes.)

Astrid 2

i kiss the strap

You apply

Tipsy With Woman


i have strayed

i need to be kept in place

demean me with work

i need Your dirt

i am not worth half it

let me pay and pay


The Chatelaine

i need to be punished

i wronged you

i needed to wrong you

in order to be punished

i need you

to punish me wrong


Lady Gina

Denier of males

they don't count

they don't get in

they look

males are nothing


Dom Karin Of Tucson

Your dismissal of maleness


Your disdain of male weakness


Holy Matrimony

i will marry you

my goods yours

your lovers, mine

i will clean you

his slop from lips

seeding into mine

i honor you

i honor you

i honor you

Homage To The Woman

one asks only to serve

only to please

only to obey

only to be less

Give All, Take What Given

Mistress Sidonia

The English Mansion

to give all you have

to be lost forever

Femme Home

Mrs Silk

what she does to make girls

of males

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barb Art, The Second Service

When a male needs to be a girl baby

and feel it

Barb. Barb. Barb. Goddess.

Barb Art

a male needs to know how to get Barb Art, sophisticated and smotherly, domestic and powerful.

Barb. Barb. Barb. Goddess.

Hands Of The Potent

What only hurts for a moment lasts for a week

What only is laid on for a moment lasts in the head for a life

The male has earned his bitter end

Long live the Hard Woman

Long live Vaginal redress


What should a male learn but obedience, learn it from Her

What should a male do, but do what She says

Whatever She says or does is right

Whatever wrong She does is made right

If She calls night day, the male brightens to that sun

If She calls day night, the darkness surrounds him

No Talking Back

The virtues of a clean mouth.

Scrub and gag.

Inability to protest.

Mommy power.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Abby Winters - Video Game Girls

Angie, Hayley F, Lynley, Leiko & Hayden

Pics: 309
File Size: 74 MB
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Abby Winters - Olive

Pics: 217
File Size: 46 MB
File Type: Rar/Jpg

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Shock Of Heaven

To serve, to listen well, to fear, to obey, to understand truly, to watch with awe, to behold Beauty, to be subject to Power, to eliminate self, to do what you must do, to become what you're intended to become, to take orders, to receive command, to be less, to be as nothing, to exist only for Her wishes, to hear Her shout, to accept Her yell, to be deeply as wrong as She makes out, to view Her,

you must be down


Salute The Lady

Exploring Femdom.

One finds soon Lady Carole artwork.

Uncompromising. Hard. Pitiless. Cruel.

Her images are points of meditation, not depictions of lifestyle.

In working oneself toward Female service, one uses them as a guide.

Dommes know they can use them as reference points.

When a shudder is required.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Hard Side Of Weakness

Anonymous cock she accrued and made me do

my swallow after swallow

Validation of me

my anonymous personality

Break Me Quick

'Male' Female.

She should overpower me.

Boss me. Knock me down. Then let me fix whatever She considers wrong.

Suck on Her clit, thick as a slab of cock, give Her an 'o'.

Then knock me down.

Quite the Woman.


Wild Scent Of Pumps

my Female friend and i celebrated at a nice hotel bar.

A smart conversationalist, she regaled me with stories of travel and the people she met, some quite adventurous.

We were relaxed, it was late, we were in her place.

She excused herself to the loo.

She had taken her shoes off, i couldn't resist touching them, rubbing my cheek against them, imagining Her being so close.

When She returned, She was smiling.

i knew She had seen me.

She sat and flexed her toes, stretching-out some of the tightness of the moist nylon.

Come here, shoeboy, she said, Come here and serve a purpose.


Frozen In One's Tracks

Facial expression.

A small woman can pin a man in place, in his stunned place, with her look.

All else follows from the fact of the glare, the no-nonsense command of it.