Thursday, May 31, 2012

Formative Trip

in another city

we could begin to be ourselves

She knew how She wanted me

i knew to follow

Continuous Wet Lips

i'm so thirsty

i need an hour of their liquid time

spit, piss, any watery

stuff they can heave

the smell of their insides

whatever they can smear

i need to be that close 

Home Worker

i pay to work with Women

who slave males

i clean up everything

the cum on the floor

the toilet space,

things on the walls and rugs

i never want to go home

this is my home


Beauty is fierce

it stuffs a mouth with nylon

it straps flesh

male ego ground 

between boot and Woman shit

Hail all Women!


Being barked into the anal

Being shown entry

Being invaded and finding joy

Dressing like Woman

Hearing the Woman

Living the Woman

Finding The Role

a male life makes sense

being wed

when his Wife becomes 

his Mother

and he, her girl

The Softening

the Strong Woman

seeks to tame

seeks to make males

in Her Own image

but lesser, subservient

dutiful and weak

wide-open pansy

Nancy girl

Improving Our Breed

honor the Bull

honor Black Males

prepare Him for Her

your Wife, Her holes,

Her growing need to slut

your growing need to serve

Severely Annoyed

when She's angry

i get hard

which angers Her more

and so on

and i pay for it

until She's relaxed enough

to go out and find a man

Monday, May 28, 2012


belonging far, far down

well below Her brightness

finding whatever dirt

on Her, brush, lick off

finding Her scent on me

on my clothes all over me

All Clauses To Her

i'll sign this in blood

i'll be disposable

no one will know

i've broken all ties

geek and fig me

strap and let it all

let it all, let all

the stress out on me

and toss me then

no one will know


Young wife in a prim home.

She's 'multicultural'

has a black lover, and old white male slave,

a girl She has strangers impregnate

and a husband, cucked and into lipstick and perfume

and giving Her all his assets and cash

She prays to a dark power and is about to come

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Her career comes before me

Women Who Understand

They meet so many of me

under Their trance

trying so hard to be like Them

Going Far Afield

alone in a new city

a fresh hotel and fresher purchases

being femme

waiting for the Domme to knock