Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chamber Call


Lacquer, Rubber, Nylon

Jane of UK.

Suck her thrust. Eat all her dirt. All.

The Tank

Counting a long time for these nurses, counting a long time, and though tied, starting to buck and see spots, counting a long time.

Afterwards, i drank them.


When widened, and she's sensitized herself,

She calls me in to deep-rim

His Semen, Through Her

i helped spot my roommate when he worked out with weights, had a crush on him, loved it when we wrestled and he'd pin me. He knew.

His girlfriend M slept over. He called me in. They had me watch them, then he pulled out.

We both have you now, and she opened her legs, letting his jism run out while i fell forward to swallow that cascading spunk, proof of a real man.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let Me Earn My Milk

Giving all to strong Women

Giving everything to strong Women

Sunday, September 19, 2010


A determined woman

with a shield of nonpermeable material remakes a male boldly.

The heat, the weight, the language foreign and emotionally even more alien.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Twelve Hard Ones While I Sing

The art to it --

That depends on

The joy in whupping

The silent fall of tears

While Women tell

Triumphant stories

The Discipline Of Dance

Becoming a doll for her

(artwork: Barbdrawing)

Transformation Reinforcement

Women share ideas and let their males,

Once every while, be girls.
The interplay just underscores

What they've become, and who they're not.


Needed Makeover

Middle-aged Woman, Goddess all around

Erasing the male, with no apology

Where life has troubled the Woman,

Let male repay, let his humbling be heard

Let his weakness howl in its need

Let it b
e fed only to have obeisance remain.

(artwork: Maxim)

If I Should Die

Angelina Jolie

So Superior

Could she feed off me, off my life itself?

Asking the question is its own answer.

The New Leaf

Newlywed males must accommodate the Woman

What begins in dismay, becomes a lifestyle --

Then a 'self'.

When The Heavens Open

Philosophic issue.

Punishment or Reward?

(artwork: classic Stanton)

'Real' Estate Training

The proper Woman uses the resources provided by the male --

'his' home, 'his' money, 'his' body, and most deeply, 'his' psyche -- all Hers.

he owes Her for this taking. Any joy to him comes from what has gone to Her.

Until he sees Her to be The First, the primary one, his own purpose, then

Her focus is to break him in and be no less than firm.

(artwork: GoddessHeather)

The Will Of Eternal Mommy

The ideal is lifelong sissification, becoming helpful but noticeably secondary to, a Woman.

The ideal is to know Her Will exceptionally and execute what She wants before the demand comes.

If She gets temperamental, bear whatever She does with understanding even if it causes discomfort, strain, embarrassment, or injustice.

What She does to you, pardon yourself for having caused Her to do it.

To be a good male is to be 'the good wife'


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girl Greeks

When the sorority needs a laughingstock male, they know they can indulge their silliness and despise me and not want to look, later, at the bad impulses brought to the surface because i came voluntarily to let them act out on me.

Every kick bruises, each step on my flesh -- they never go as far as i would be unable to stop them from going -- squeezes dignity out of me.

They laugh, and then, when they're tired, tell me no one who isn't filth and a pervert would allow them to go ahead with what they've just done, and i'm expelled, dirty, into an evening.

Hurt. Shame.
They're right.



applauded her local spokeswomen

and gave a tithe

She is a Goddess who understands power

The Chthonic Power To Destroy

i would bring Her pillows and massage Her feet

if She told me to give up all i believe and clean up Her waste, i would

this is a love letter to Her darkness. this is what She makes me do, being haunted by Her Power at a distance.

i am taken. i am taken over.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Losing Of Self

When committed to Her

A male gets release in giving Her that

Later: the critique

The Greater Proof

The hardest to de-male requires full inundation

Boys' Night Out

Getting the maleness out of the system

Before chastity and obedience to the Woman

End of 'male'. Start of 'boy'.

Though the memory of 'cock'

Becomes later useful for 'cuck'


Vows Of Release

When a Woman loves another Woman

She shares Her wedding night

So that all parties understand all tastes


The Teacher

She told me where to go for food and i paid to watch Her eat

On our drive home She recited to me why i was to like Her releasing gas

i did, it excited me to be close to Her inside

i took off Her shoes and clothing when She told me to

and She hadn't bathed and i smelled the days She had been that way

and i sprung to attention, gaining more interest in her cleverness

She spat in my mouth and stood me in a corner ordering me not to swallow

but the saliva built in the mouth and starting to choke i involuntarily did

and that angered Her and She hit me again and again with a long ruler

i've not felt love like that, so pedagogical, and only Her swats

kept me calm, if reddened, deepening the memory

so that i could write this to tell the world there is such passion.


Deep Thirst

male-naked with anonymity mask

humbled for an evening at the place

where appetites get settled

where Woman discharges her pouch

where the wet dirt from her

splashes warm into the male mouth

taking in the sourness, the heat

special for it comes from Her

(artwork: Giko)

Helene, Ever-Beckoning

The cocked finger

The drop what you're doing

The I said now

The what did I tell you

The you know the consequences

The you've been on notice

The now you'll have to pay the price

The you'll never grow up

The take it like the man you'll never be

What Woman should not take on the role

What Woman could not -- however diminutive,

However unnoticed at large, however misevaluated --

What Woman could not humble the male and rule


Hungering For BBW

Woman of Power with Big Body

Mistress Mommy

The wallop

Just a walk around a standing male

Just the shoe nudge at the gut of a sitting male

A poke

A swat

May the Goddess bless Mistress Mommy

Power stem from the arc of her strong arm


In The Down Terrain

my mouth and fingers, my rubber

and pliable plastic tools

efficacious words timed right

my entire swallow

for sister Lisa Marie

beautiful boygirl


Friday, September 10, 2010


When a male gets made ridiculous, gets feminized even in clumsy ways which would cause him in light of day to hurt with shame, the Woman doing that to him makes up for all the woe males have done, all the presumptions working against Her in that day-lit world.

Long live the Goddess who can subdue all males. Long live the transformation of males into the female.

May the male be filled in all his spaces with her verve, her spite, her anger, her Power.

Only One Will

i've done nothing, i've done whatever you say i've done, i'm not sassing i'm complying, please believe me i'll do it, i'll do it all, whatever it is.

yes. i've signed the others, i'll sign this, i'll sign it over, i'll sign it before your friends, i'll leave other allegiances right now, just for you, and i'll start cleaning and helping you serve your friends.

i'll do it all, whatever it is.

Full Cleanliness

If mind could be cleaned as effectively as the mouth, all males would serve.

Hail, Dana Specht for her no nonsense approach to controlling the male!