Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Teacher

She told me where to go for food and i paid to watch Her eat

On our drive home She recited to me why i was to like Her releasing gas

i did, it excited me to be close to Her inside

i took off Her shoes and clothing when She told me to

and She hadn't bathed and i smelled the days She had been that way

and i sprung to attention, gaining more interest in her cleverness

She spat in my mouth and stood me in a corner ordering me not to swallow

but the saliva built in the mouth and starting to choke i involuntarily did

and that angered Her and She hit me again and again with a long ruler

i've not felt love like that, so pedagogical, and only Her swats

kept me calm, if reddened, deepening the memory

so that i could write this to tell the world there is such passion.