Saturday, October 30, 2010

So Clearly Superior

That She is a professional fills me with pride

Her slap, Her probe, both are meaningful

Dungeon Of Ever

What She has been looking to do for some long time.

Wherever There Is A Strong Bond

A tired Woman, foot massage, sacred dirt

(i will always serve You)

You Don't Need His Name

Her -- just now -- pleasuring.

For me to understand and to adopt.

A Matter Of Scale

i am the little man. i am not a man. i am homunculus.

She, giantess. She, art.

Property Of One

The devastation of being auctioned off from the Woman to whom you've given full devotion.

Full devotion. That does mean She can do this. Through tears, i need Her not to do this, but know that i -- paradoxically -- do need Her to do this.

Complete servitude.

Nonverbal Communication

This is an open letter to Woman.

You been in drawers where i've followed

and showed Yourself in place after place

and i've smelled Your perfume as it passes

and i need You to know that when You

once or twice want to use me, i would

drop to the ground and do what You ask.
Why don't You ask -- why
don't You simply
make me do it by looking
-- by just crooking

Your finger, pointing at your floor spit


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Earth Rule Us

The candle lit

The incantation sung

The Woman

May She Rule

(photo: Lady Femina)

Frat Row

The Knowing Woman translates her male into female.

To be 'cuck', a transformed male must gain a taste

Must move the mouth, must swallow, swallow, then

Be used to being used, discarded, feminized for his Domme.

(photo art: Rachel)


Wherever a male meets a Woman, Her bidding.

Her pleasure, whatever She calls for.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What You Say About me i Carry With me

All Women are my Mother

i am their boy made girl

The Woman's hand is my Mother

i squirt and i soften, made a girl

Firm Parentage

Woman knows.

Mommy knows.

sissy's got to.

All Power to Her.

All Power to Her.

Searching For Identity

The Woman who tells him what to do mocks how she has femaled him, the priss,

And settled him on the hard cock of her Real Man Lover.

cuck's prostate's roughed by the maleness, making the cock erect.

When cuck's spunk shoots, and the shame of it all hits, and the Lover Male

Pisses on him, and The Woman yells at his inadequacy

Making him lick foreign cum from her rim

he's found himself in the losing.


sissy male desire centers on having The Woman win Female admiration for taming yet another male.

feminization always following her strength and Power.


An alternative moment with Mrs. Peel.

Diana Rigg still motivates my homage.

Check Me

All physicals should be executed by Women.

All Women one knows should watch.

(artwork: Barb)


Her message is beside the point.

Her 'medium' is everything.

This is what charisma means:

A Woman to whom you would give all

Would follow anywhere.

i would sign my belongings

Hand over my things, my future,

In religious ardor. Her leavings my meat

Her extrusions my soup.

Re-Engender Me, Hard

Another way to Supremacy is through fetish dominance.

Oksana in leather. No nonsense dildo. Blunt-cut coif.

Cold expression. Commands heard soon. Very soon.

Mavi Gioia

At Her command, following Her at a number of specified paces.

Not be allowed to talk with Her until she starts conversation.

Pay everything for Her.

Raye Hollit

Woman's Superiority measured in many ways.

Here, physically. This Power dwarfs males.

Automatic service to Her. Automatic.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Woman Led

A Woman who can belittle with a look

Humor me and make the others see me small

The ease of Her Power, my need to see Her

Mother of Her nation, i concede


Lecture Woman

Being talked at

Being talked down to

Criticized for the littlest

Put and kept in place

Learning all is my mistake

(art work: Adams)

You've Given Me The Whole World

The smell and feel of it,

The dressing and dressing others

Sometimes the whole self

Condensed at the glans

And it, it's inside its cage

Fixation Training

Domme cucks her male out

A night of glory hole service

Anonymous spunk

Acquiring a taste

A real hunger

(art work: Drew Jones)

Seed Me

sometimes a sub feels his jones for a Male

Mistress might let him, thus, once in a blue moon to be exercised

to be widened for future play, exploratory games

Brought Back To Life

The Domme's heels are a measure of her sub's facial distance from the floor.

She smothers his face for his tongue

Her orgasm earns him a chance to breathe after such smother.

She allows him life to bring her joy.

(art work: Ballard)


to be a sub means subordination to all Women

to make submission a religious devotion, one needs Goddess

(art work: Hildebrandt)