Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lady Femina

i want to be the girl for Her
Her girl fridaytake notestake things in my mouthlisten to things in my earsShe spits my way

Drawer Love

i have no self-control and sneak to Her room

can barely breathe and want to be Woman

when She interrupts and scorns

i just want to give Her all

A Strapping In Silk

She chose to make me girl

and heat my buttocks

i never want to leave 

this permanent role

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dom Karin At Dark

what She asks me to drink in worship, i do

the Force She adores, i too adore

i am to measure myself through the acts

and She guides me in them

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Exercising One's Right To Submit

full power transfer

full service

to Her


Staying In

She had me stay home

tell my boss i was sick

embarrassingly cry 

say "i'm sorry, i'm sorry"

like a caught boy

i am a caught boy

domineered by Her brassiere

and stern Big Sister

Motherly taunts and demands

She's worth so much


Office Hours

college is all about learning

how to deal with discomfort

on your elbows and knees

what words are truly humble enough

how to mouth and hold Her juices


The Woman Dana Specht

my correction for wanting Her

is to be scolded and smacked

my weak hardness goes limp

as She has me count out

sometimes i cannot walk

well enough for a day

and half sleep on my gut

rehearing Her words, Her scorn

i am full of Herself, in my need

for the strength of Her stroke


The Marriage Of Three

The Potent One

the One Swollen again and again with profligate seed

and the Cleaner


all have a role in the divine plan

i am chaste

my worship grows


Sister Hyde

helpless not to do this

the me finds itself real

it brings out my best

it makes me do and do

it makes me She

for an hour and a half

for an hour and a life

it's always been me


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Camp Of One Kind

i want to serve a sentence

of humiliating labor

the camp of hard as nails

Women in boots with no smile

and an oath to gut the male

and make him obedient and soft.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surrogate Mom

She knew i couldn't take ten

but i pleaded for ten, and signed 

a waiver for Her.

i felt the damage by three

so by four i begged for no more

but She kept to Her word

intersected my buns with hard lines

Her signature lines

and i shouted my love



Once inside, i simply do what She says

no matter the discomfort.  It is to break me

of the habit of autonomy,  learning Her wisdom

to break me.