Sunday, February 6, 2011


Her liquid, Her water, Her release, Her micturate, Her wet insides

Her purge, Her torrent, Her champagne, Her golden piss

Male Mouth

he wants so much to be inside

the inside is to come to him


the moment She walks in


She now says Clean me of him

and my face moves toward

Homage To Delia

Superior girl

Special 'Night Out'

A Woman's best gift to her husband -- having him watch Her fuck a strange cock.

Efficient Cage, Key

One Woman's task

Jailing male cock


No questioning of this

the male must be anally taken

lubed, reamed, spoken to when this occurs

in no uncertain terms of the mastery of Woman

She takes him. he succumbs. he worships. Her power is all, and it is physical and mental.


Male Relinquishment

Spirit rising to meet Her

Resting Her Pace

Crushing all but his thoughts of service

Standing over his will and reciting the oath he's to take.

The Spirit To Womanhood

The male must leave his body.

Mental And Physical

No need for a reason. Just will.

Her will.

The Power Of Cuckoldry

Strong Woman rents out Her work of art, Her male

who learns lube, who learns swallow

The Mnemonic

She must make it hurt so that it stays with the male a long time

Hard Snake Potion

Rachel understands.

When a male gets 'femmed'

The Woman inside must get fertile

Drinking ejaculate of another male.

In Payment Of The Dream

With Her 'skin' on, the creams, the scents, the clothes,

She yields what power i've had left and builds more of Her own.