Friday, August 31, 2012

Prissy's Wisdom

It's so reflexive, coming like a girl

being treated like a girl by Her

being Matronized

allowed to use the girl's loo after the Women go

smells that bring you back

back hard to where you need Her again

and She and Her friends just smile

and cause you to need to wipe yourself


She So Very Far Above

She's seen innumerable men

today, and led them down

and humbles me to be among

the self-admitted ones on knees

She's walked many rooms

i lick their dirt to be near Her Power

She demands some porcelain time from me

to be boxed beneath Her

waiting for the slide of Her

best conversation.


Summer Camp

i saved up for a new city

and the chance fell here on Her street

with instruments to land blows

make me admit what i felt

and pay much

for the urging on my knees

She didn't care i loved Her stokes

as they reddened me to take home

and think and think and think of Her


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


i bought my Aunt a gift

She models here

She knows me more than i

i drink Her in


Cuck Mind

i married in order to share

i wanted Her to seek many

and many more, then after rest, more

i clean and i soothe and i serve

being less is the perfect partner

giving Her all. let her satisfy in every way

At Full Salute

i praise this power

i give all

it takes more

i need it to feed

it dines without thinking

i give all

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dirty Wine

i was so thirsty

so much 

and i followed Her

and She called me a 'fuck'

and She said open your mouth

drinking i got so stiff

and i had to leave

Her piss on my face and shirt


The Craving

She starts it all

She makes me need

the fluids

To listen to Her and only

to Her commands

to reduce my manhood

to make me a mouth


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Eat

i express myself

i prostrate in my suit

there's a comforting laugh

and the demand

and i will mouth anything


The Philosopher


once a month i take a large amount to Her

She knows i need Her to tell me things

my body needs to know about itself

She's wise.  She reads my head

She refashions me to who i really am

i leave a large amount. She waits

She tells me all,all of it.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Setting Rules

She calls me by a different name each time

She calls me names

It's the pulse of Her strength i need

It's Her hate



She told me not to wash after

She told me i had to feel my mess

She told me i had to buy Her things

She told me that was my worth to Her