Friday, July 29, 2011


i've cleaned Her feet

and request to call Her

a boyfriend and clean

then too


Public Domme Power

Simply in a restaurant

She's let me know what to do

i go change into panties

pay the bill and let Her order

me like a servant in front of everyone


Just Next Door

i went next door for sugar

and stayed until She had me clean


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Arbitrary Fury

it doesn't matter why

She needs to discharge

She's the lightning of the world

Her smacks burn

the fear of Her causes loud prayer


Bull's Milk

Long service deserves a deep drink.

She disperses some male stuff

for the thirsty cuck.



2 key types of submissive attention:

walking in high heels, stiff penis.

Woman, the Feminine Principle,

is the Force of Nature.


Domme Day

As it becomes midnight and turns to the next day 24 july

i rim the Queen and accept Her juices

i get redbottomed, drink Her wine, and lie

naked, reciting Her wonder, Her greatness


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cleanse And Swallow

propose to this Woman, sign over the wealth

wait till after She has each male She wants

and be Her towel boy


Overriding Purpose

so given over to Nature, to the Mother,

to seed anywhere she calls out

i give milk to a brutal hand-pull


Measure Of The Psyche

males need to train

Woman needs to exercise Her power


Hunger Woman

She takes males and inverts them.

Her joy is the cuckoldry She creates,

the male so needful of Her, he comes

to crave male cock as She instructs



Practice on me, lend me out

objectified from You.

You're meant to never hear

how much i need. Just take.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Stark Measures

the Mistress must have friends like this

no-nonsense, heavy, angry, and brute.

for Her any reason, Mistress assigns me there

to the hands and spit and ignorant mishandling

of this bitch. Thank You

Ladies Of The Ancient Lore

the hard prick this elicits,

attending three Wise Women,

can be controlled these two good ways:

the hairbrush or the cage.

in either case, male weakness, folly


Home Life

i needed Her mature and old

a Woman back from the market

wanting to order me around

Her domestic, Her boy, wiping up.



Mother Nature gives us

Her rhythm

it is for us to re-find it

all over. All over.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


the perfect Woman

is the cold Woman

disliking males

collecting the ones

who want to be hurt

for awhile


Insisted Interview

i bothered Her until She took me home

and whacked me two or three

and called me vile names and in the bathroom

anointed me, a kind of 'hire', to do things

for Her, weekly, whenever



a Momma's boy will remain that way

to crave correction or punishment

just to have Her near, to have Her care

that much, and carry the feel of Her stroke


Whoever, Their Grace

that i don't know Them

but must drink from Them

the excitement in the drink

of anonymous fluid


Saturday, July 9, 2011


She keeps me alive

in an otherwise spiritual desert.

She delivers me from a deep thirst.


The Lady Of The House

The purpose of marriage

to transfer power to Her

make domesticity

sheer service


Friday, July 8, 2011

The Power Of Mask

No sin, no wrong, when i'm not 'me'

She becomes the Goddess

i serve Her

all confusions resolved

Great Hunger

She has always been The Queen

i try and try to please Her

no degradation, only honor

in whatever service to Her


She is so much more,

so much more

we do low service to Her

full devotion of any kind


Shame And Bliss Of Transformation

Reddened by Her hand, the towel warm and wet in Her hand

made naked to be Feminized


Spit Him Down

Not possible to have a true love

without a Dominant Woman

without her exercising will

without private, sometimes public,