Sunday, September 25, 2011

Service Weekend

leaving an office at 4

the friday traffic to the exurbs

by 7 stripped and serving a meal

taunted by Dominas

held overnight in a cool pen

awakened to a Woman's reveille

the drill commands of a Bitch's voice

then heavy chores, serving the estate

and make-up hour and photo hour and spank time

serving as a full maid the banqueters

pulling and tweaking your shame

and midnight caning your thighs

then Sunday rest, the cooler morning

met by the Dominatrix's disdain

and off in the dark, exhausted and shamed

to earn another week's salary to do this again


Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Cock

loosened by anonymity

a male might do just anything

Female disdain

must guide him to his truth



what She teaches

they feel deep

nature reveals itself


Her Bestowal

i cup my hands and later rub

Her ashes under my nails

and into the skin of my face

and i have cocked my head

for an hour, a salivary mouth


Elegance And Anger

Woman is always better

Woman is all ways better


Friday, September 23, 2011

A Second Honeymoon

they travel to a nearby city and get a hotel

She gives Herself a new name, drawn from the brothels

taken from the Madames of Control, and She orders him

to strip, lubed, spread, craving on the made bed

and She calls out to him, Who am I?

and taking Her first, deep thrust, he grunts, You are The Woman!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Male Identity

a male held in place

worked with slick and supple glove

urged by the long, strong arm of a Blonde


Building Further Debt To Her

when feminized husbands meet

they talk aplenty about the Women

they enable their mutual sin

their hardening, their jack


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Owed To Her

Giving a male self, leather-masked,

Ankle- and wrist-bound, to two Women

On two male buns, thighs, a back, a chest

Smiling, enthusiastic Women

Spitting German, forcing male witness on himself

Cropping welts, a crop of welts,

Voice of weak groans and male woe

Woman fingers on his testicles

Spreading thin his flesh like dough

Seeing Her fingers through his skin

As through a balloon, and on a count

A tug, a pull, a yank


Proof, Again, Of Power

A masked German masochist crawls to a 'St Andrews' cross, mounts and holds.

The Domme, short-cropped hair and no-nonsense, firm, directive voice, canes him.

She canes his thighs with a deft touch, forearm- and wrist-flicks.

He reddens with such marks, ultimately quivering with weakened muscles.

We watch him so punished, so professionally handled, so weak-willed and needful.

By the end, his uncircumcised penis -- hardly aroused by this working-over, nevertheless -- bloats its size a bit, fills with residual, exhausted . . . satisfaction.

We've watched, fascinated, counting the blows on the soft, sensitive parts of our own desire.

Degradation becomes a blessing.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Motel Holiday

Dressing and self-abuse

pinched cock and weighted balls

concern with the arch in the foot

having Her film, waiting for the bull

A 'Medical' Touch

The masochistic male needs not act -- just respond. Vertically humbled in this video, he takes genital spanking and sounding.

The lubricant helps fill his urethra with metal stick.

If this were only a man with his Domme Wife and Her friend -- a full universe.


Monday, September 5, 2011


She says stay down for as long as She says

and i lose myself being below Her

really find myself being below Her

waiting for the gravity of Her word



impossible to hold back

what i see when i see

Her as me


The Beard

She was to soak me in piss

and i mouthed her wet pubic hair

with a face of rug burn


The Instructress

She tells me much

i have to listen

and repeat, i learn to

and She tells me much more

and i do


Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Source

She's inside

She's been there from the start

She was taught me, trained into me,

The Woman put it there

The constant reminder

Where Power is


Viscous Rivers

two generations

of sissy, sperm coming

in the interest

of Woman

Her overweening power


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tweaks, Weights, Stripes

The German-speaking Lady Ramirez controlling the weakness of a masked, hardening male.

i want to serve.

A Tactile Formula

crumpled in a box

a male unwills itself

always to Woman magic


Professional Pressure

to give up

to be squeezed

to be filled

to be handled


Woman Takes The Move

Surprised by how hungry She is

to go come

on Her own vicious terms