Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Habituation, Intense Adoration

No mention is made of this, the danger of enema.

Not the danger of misapplication, inadvertently rupturing the colon and introducing sepsis -- that's mentioned.

What isn't mentioned is the danger of habituation. The need for enema.

When cleansed by a Woman with institutional or motherly or taunting or rough words, the weak male reinforces the requirement of his continued re-exposure to colonics.

The voice of an institutional Female, professional and unconcerned, or that of the succoring Mother, the taunting Whore, the pitiless Dominatrix, underscores the reality felt now not just in mental images, but in bodily -- daily -- process.

What Woman aims to have a male regress to the point of requiring Her to delivery him of his bowel movement?

She would have to be special, rare.

And when the male delivers himself into that condition, when he becomes child-helpless again, does his search for The Woman then not take on more urgency? When he couches diapered and sitting on his shame, unable to release without the potency of Her withheld bag, he prays for Her welfare and Her quick arrival.

Release me!

The price is Hers to name.